Goxip Data Shows Meghan’s Shirts Are The Most Wanted Item From Her Wardrobe

We all know about the Meghan effect. When Meghan wears something, there’s a flood of interest for her style, but even in restricted measures in isolation, Meghan’s got everyone yearning for her outfits.

Through search analysis, sales data and active page views from fashion & beauty search platform Goxip, there’s one item that keeps standing out amongst all others as herpower piece, causing spikes in our customer shopping behaviour all over the world and it’s more simple than you’d expect.   

Most recently, there was a surge in searches around Meghan’s denim shirt worn for baby Archie’s birthday this month, and as a result Goxip has investigated Meghan’s most iconic wardrobe staple, the shirt, taking into account the impact each of her publicised shirts have had on customer browsing & buying behaviour across Goxip’s 36,000 brands & 5 million products. 

“More meets the eye when it comes to Meghan’s clothing choices, and if you look closely, the simple item in Meghan’s wardrobe portrays a message each time, and what’s wonderful is whilst we’ve seen Meghan wear glamorous outfits over recent years, we’ve seen more of her original more relaxed styles we admired from her early pre-royal days, return recently, and it’s always these easy to recreate outfits that are the most searched by shoppers”.

– Yasmine Bachir, Goxip’s Global PR Manager & Royal Expert. 

Meghan Markle’s Most Memorable Shirts Decoded

The Husband Shirt, by Misha NoNoo (September 2017)

For Meghan’s first official event with Prince Harry at the Invictus games, she wore a plain white shirt by Misha NoNoo. Not only was the shirt white, the traditional colour worn as a bride and a colour also representing safety & purity, but the shirt was also labelled ‘The Husband’, hinting to the public at a future engagement. 

  • 3 years post Meghan wearing the shirt, customers are still searching for the exact piece, despite the brand not being sold on Goxip. This year we’ve seen over 1000 searches for ‘Misha NoNoo Husband Shirt’.
  • Across all shirts on Goxip, white is the most sought after colour and thanks in part to the Meghan effect, sales for white shirts are up 49% year on year.
  • On Goxip, button down white shirts are the most popular, followed by denim shirts. However, Meghan’s infamous J Crew cuff finish could be the reason customer specific searches for ‘¾ cuffed sleeves shirts’.

The Midnight Blue Stripe Poplin Shirt, by With Nothing Underneath Shirt (November 2019)

The ethical & affordable brand by Pip Durell only launched in 2017 and Meghan Markle has since been seen wearing 2 of the brand’s shirts and both whilst working on charity projects. The Duchess wore the Midnight Blue Stripe Poplin to the Luminary Bakery in London, an organisation which welcomes women from vulnerable circumstances. The brand’s name carries connotations of ‘nakedness’, which is often associated with vulnerability so it was a talented choice of clothing for the occasion.

  • Meghan Markle inspired a surge in searches for striped shirts the following week after she wore the WNU shirt (+42%).
  • Whilst searches for stripes are consistent, searches specifically for ‘navy and white striped shirt’ peaked in November that year, following Meghan’s attendance at the Luminary Bakery. (+67%).
  • Although not the exact match of Meghan’s WNU shirt, Goxip sold 478 striped shirts in November across its entire platform. 

The Everyday Chambray Shirt, by J Crew (6th May 2020)

J Crew has reportedly been one of Meghan’s favourite brands and we’ve seen her wear everything from the Sadie Ankle Boots to the Fan Rattan Straw Clutch. Meghan chose to wear the brand for a very memorable & publicised occasion, for Archie’s birthday, (even amidst the battle the brand is facing with bankruptcy). The Everyday Chambray shirt which is relaxed in style, quite literally tells us in the name, suggesting that this may be how her everyday life is now. It’s a true peak behind the scenes of her new life with Prince Harry & baby Archie.

  • Searches for shirts alongside ‘denim’ and ‘jean’ increased by 92% the following 48 hours after the video was posted on Save the Children’s Instagram page. (Meghan wears the shirt, as she read Duck! Rabbit! to Archie for his birthday). 
  • The brand no longer available to buy on Goxip influenced over 4500 searches for ‘J Crew jean shirt’, the following week after Meghan was seen wearing it. 
  • We even saw a spike in interest for ‘white shorts’, searches rose 27% the following week after the video was posted. (Meghan usually wears trousers, jeans or midi pencil skirts, but her mini white shorts matched her relaxed shirt perfectly.

Finding Freedom Biography:

Image: Deposit Photos

Interestingly, Meghan Markle has chosen to wear yet another shirt for the front cover of her book. The book, set to release 11th August 2020, pledges to reveal unknown details of Harry & Meghan’s lives together.

Although Finding Freedom has not been released yet, media images of the book have already sparked a trend for dark green shirts and pencil skirts. Green is an interesting choice of colour, as it symbolises growth, harmony, freshness and fertility and dark green in particular is associated with ambition & money. It also has a strong emotional correspondence with safety. 

  • The photo was taken during Harry & Meghan’s trip to Sussex in October 2018, but interestingly comparing searches and sales data from October 2018 to May 2020, it was the front cover of the book that inspired the biggest surge in demand for the green monochrome look. 
  • Searches for ‘dark green blouse’ has increased by 42% in the last month. 
  • The Joseph Oldfield Asymmetric Silk Crepe De Chine Blouse is currently the most viewed green blouse on Goxip right now.
  • In the last month, we’ve also seen a spike in leather pencil skirts, mostly from Canada. (+77%). 

Meghan has always been a minimalist at heart, favouring a pair of jeans, ballet pumps and a simple shirt as her go-to style, and whilst in the past her Stella McCartney halter neck wedding gown and boat neck dresses have caused surges in demand, it’s always been her effortless shirts, with the most replicable potential, that have been the most popular.