…data shows it’s what everyone’s wanting right now.

In a global effort to stop the spread of Covid 19, people are spending more time at home, and comfort has suddenly become top priority. 

Where these months usually consist of spikes in searches for trending bags, designer swimwear, new ‘it’ shoes and festival fashion, instead.. fashion and lifestyle search platform Goxip has noted a surge in demand for casualwear.

After the global surge in searches for comfortable apparel (loungewear & activewear items collectively up 77% YoY), Goxip has coined the term ‘quarantire’, to describe the collection of garments worn by individuals at home during this period.


[ kwawr-uh n-tie-er]


  1. A comfortable, easy to wear clothing category, composed of pieces that are worn at home during quarantine, without feeling shame or receiving judgement from society. The items may consist of sweatshirts, overalls, leggings, tracksuits, onesies, pyjamas and socks. Anything considered comfortable for the individual. 
  2. Differing to loungewear which derives from ‘lounge’, meaning to lie, sit or stand in a relaxed or lazy way, quarantire refers to the attire worn by individuals throughout the pandemic, to conduct a whole range of household activities such as working, cooking, cleaning, exercising, dancing, painting, and reading.

It’s been effortlessly mastered by the likes of top celebrities and influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Olivia Palermo and Chiara Ferragni.

Goxip has divided the data report into categories, featuring the most sought after colours, prints, sizes, brands and even the biggest fashion comeback item we’re wanting as part of our self-isolation wardrobes. 

The below report has delved into search and sales data globally across over 36,000 brands, to identify the active quarantire trends since the start of the pandemic.


GIL RODRIGUEZ ‘Yellow Terry Diana Half – Zip Sweatshirt’
  • “Comfy clothing” is currently most popular in pastels. In the last 3 months, the most popular choice of colour for home attire are shades of pastel, with lilac, pale pink and pastel yellow the top purchases.
  • Aside from the trending pastel shades, more original colours are also peaking in demand. Specifically for jogging bottoms, grey is the number one choice of colour wanted and we’ve seen searches for ‘grey joggers’ up 35% since January.
  • People are also searching for matching colour sweatsuit sets. In the following 48 hours after Olivia Palermo posted a photo of herself on Instagram in a silver ribbed matching lounge set, searches specifically for ‘silver ribbed two-piece’ rose by 92%.


ACNE STUDIOS ‘Tie-Dye Oversized Cotton Sweatshirt’
  • Bold prints are in high demand, with tie-dye especially trending right now. Searches for the print are up 140% in the last 3 months. 
  • The most popular tie dye items are sweatshirts, followed by sweatsuits and then cotton t-shirts.
THE UPSIDE ‘Water Leopard Cropped Printed Stretch Leggings’
  • We’ve also seen a rise in searches for animal prints, including ‘leopard’ and ‘tiger’ which are most popular in the form of leggings. The most popular brand of leopard print leggings are by The Upside. 
  • Searches for ‘Madeleine Thompson tiger print trousers’ saw a sudden spike in interest (+46%) this week, after instagram influencer Lucy Williams posted a photo of herself wearing a pair on the 2nd April. Lucy described her outfit using the hashtag #WFH.


  • Specific search words ‘baggy’ and ‘oversized’ alongside clothing items have seen a rise in interest. ‘Baggy sweatshirt’ and ‘oversized tops’ have been searched more than 12,000 times since January. 
FRANKIE SHOP ‘Vanessa Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt’
  • This Frankie shop banana sweatshirt worn by the likes of Copenhagen based Stylist & Influencer Emili Sindlev, has seen a rise in page views (+44%) in the last month. 
  • Contradicting the desire for baggier styles, cropped styles are having a major moment too. These include a rise in demand for cropped t-shirts and cropped sweatshirts. Searches for cropped items are up 60% in the last 3 months. 
ASOS ‘ASOS Design Oversized T-Shirt In Grunge Spiral Tie-Dye- Multi’
  • After Hailey Bieber took to Tik Tok for the first time in a checked cropped pyjama top paired with matching shorts, Goxip had a surge in interest for cropped pyjama sets (+88%) in the following 48 hours. Searches were not specific to checked print, but cropped shirt styles were the most sought after.  


The brands trending right now for casual clothing, in order of most wanted:

  1. Les Tien
  2. Stella McCartney
  3. Arket
  4. Frankie Shop
  5. Outdoor Voices
  6. Good American
  7. Off-White
  8. Acne Studios
  9. Eres
  10. Re/Done


  • Sales for socks have increased by 26%, with thick sporty styles the most in demand. These Adidas Originals Trefoil Crew Socks in white have generated the most sales over the course of the pandemic.
  • Searches for ‘crew socks’ specifically have increased by 54% over the last 3 months. 
  • In light of what we believe might be more individuals favouring the “messy bun” look, we’ve got search data to demonstrate that this could actually be the case. Searches for ‘scrunchies’ are up 41%.
GANNI ‘Leopard Print Silk-Blend Satin Scrunchie’
  • Interestingly people are willing to spend a lot for a little effort hair style and this is backed by the most popular brand of hair scrunchies; Ganni and Versace.


We might have thought cycling shorts already had their fashion moment a few years ago but it seems the 80s item inspired by Princess Diana is back in 2020 yet again and a choice amongst women globally for comfortable home apparel. 

  • Searches for ‘cycling shorts’ and ‘bike shorts’ are up 51% month on month. 
  • A pair of cycling shorts is being searched 100 times every hour right now.
  • The most sought after colours are surprisingly not black. We’re seeing interest in colourful options, including pastel shades, tie-dye prints and even metallics.
PACO RABANNE ‘Logo Jacquard Metallic Jersey Cycling Shorts’



Proving further that comfort comes before everything else right now, bras are proving no longer a necessity for wardrobes.

  • Demand for women’s bras have decreased dramatically throughout the pandemic. Searches for ‘bras’ in general has decreased by 109% since the start of 2020.  
  • Looking at searches across the globe, the UK, followed by the US are the least likely countries to purchase an everyday bra during Covid 19, with the least amount of searches coming from these countries. 

[This excludes specific searches for ‘sports bras’, which have risen by 128% globally over the last 3 months].

…..So whether your quarantire is for sleeping, working out, dancing for Tik Tok or for posting to Instagram, Goxip can confirm it’s very much having a moment! So feel guilt and shame free as we’ve proven everyone’s wearing it and let’s face it, everyday right now.