Since the start of the pandemic, Fashion and Lifestyle Search Platform Goxip has been monitoring the search and sales data globally across over 36,000 brands and 5 million products, to determine any noticeable shifts in online consumer behaviour.

Taking into account over 6 million searches, page views and sales statistics, Goxip reveals the impact mask wearing has had on online shopping and how the facial necessity has had an effect on other online shopping decisions. The following report breaks down the key products and categories affected by mask wearing, honing in on Asia in particular.

Side note: Mascne and Maskne- 2006 study proves the effects of long duration mask wearing on the skin. 

PPE face masks, like the medical-grade N95 respirators used by hospital staff can cause severe skin irritation on the face, supported by a 2006 study from Singapore that looked at PPE-related adverse skin reactions in 307 staff members, mostly female nurses. Among those wearing N95 masks, 60% reported an increase in acne, 36% reported a rash, and 51% reported itch or dermatitis. Since, dermatologists have begun to promote the maskne concept, and according to google trends searches for ‘mascne’ and maskne’ began surfacing in late March this year. 


  • Globally, face masks are being searched on Goxip’s platform once every 3 minutes
  • Across Asia in particular over the last month, we’ve seen an increase in demand for high end designer face masks. Gucci mask searches +42% in the last month, Off-White +49% and Marine Serre +26%.
  • With face masks a necessity in everyday wear, customers are spending more on the protective accessory as time goes on. Since January the average order value for face masks alone has increased by 28%
  • There’s been a rise in demand for more elaborate masks, with an increase in searches for specific keyword terms alongside masks, including prints (+29%), glitter, crystal & sequins (+34%).

A rise in mask wearing has led to some knock off changes in online consumer behaviour. 
Here are the key categories affected across Goxip’s entire platform.


Image: Deposit Photos
  • With face masks becoming the world’s most coveted commodity, demand for skin self-care has surged. Searches using the words ‘oily’ and ‘blemish’ have increased by 28% in the last month, whilst descriptive words ‘exfoliating’ and ‘purifying’ have increased 45%.
  • Buying behaviour has become more specific to skin conditions as we’re seeing a rise in what’s needed in skin care as opposed to what’s wanted. There’s been a reduced spending on non-essential, yet highly desired skincare products such as vitamin c and hyaluronic acid. 
  • Instead we’ve seen an increase in products specifically for treating skin issues such as breakouts (effects of long hours of mask wearing).


CERAVE ‘Hydrating Cleanser’ // THE ORDINARY ‘Niacinimide’ // PAULA’S CHOICE ‘2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant’

  1. Cleansers (Searches +113%).
  2. AHA & BHA products, including salicylic acid and glycolic acid. (Searches collectively +39%).
  3. Niacinamide (Searches +22%).
  • Ingredients have played a huge factor in the surge in skincare over the last 6 months. The most popularly wanted by consumers are calming and soothing ingredients; oatmeal, chamomile and witch hazel, followed by anti bacterial & anti inflammatory ingredient tea tree. These ingredients by far have led the ingredient specific skincare searches.
AESOP ‘In Two Minds Facial Toner’
  • According to our customer search history, over the last month only, the Aesop In Two Minds Facial Toner (containing witch hazel and chamomile) and Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser (containing camomile) are the most wanted skincare products from direct ingredient specific search enquiries. 
CAUDALIE ‘Instant Detox Mask’
  • It’s not just the protective face masks that have increased in demand, demand for face masks across the skincare category have also been impacted and searches have increased 37% in the last month. 
  • We’ve also noted an increase in interest for salves and ointments, which could be to combat the effects of friction and chafing. ‘Barrier creams’ have been searched for more than 7000 times in the last month alone. 


  • Whether down to the closure of salons and lack of access treatments such as lash lifts, lash extensions and brow maintenance or the need to accentuate the upper half of the face more, customers are spending more on eye makeup products, with mascara and eyebrow products leading the searches across the makeup category. 
  • Searches for ‘mascaras’ are up 59% from this time last year across Asia alone
  • Searches for eyebrow products including gels, pencils and powders are even higher with searches collectively up 77% since this time last year.
  • Even tweezers have been impacted. Statistics show the item is up in searches by 21% since this time last year.  
  • Lip products have also been affected by the pandemic too where over the last 6 months, demand for lipsticks has decreased, with searches for ‘lipsticks’ -61%.
  • Although consumers might not be shopping for lipsticks throughout the pandemic, Goxip data shows us customers are opting for long lasting moisture instead, which could be down to the inability to remove face masks frequently. Searches for ‘lip balms’ have increased 17% in the last 6 months.


CELINE ‘Show Rectangular Acetate Sunglasses’
  • Sunglasses, which are a key component in spring and summer purchases, peaking in May and June on average in Asia, based on Goxip’s history database, have actually decreased in demand this year. -24% compared to this time last year.